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How do I schedule an appointment?


We do our own individual scheduling, so please contact the artist you wish to work with. 


Virginia can be reached at:


Isaac can be reached at:


For general inquiries please email:


Please note that due to high demand we often schedule several months out and then close booking until we are able to catch up. 

Sometimes we have last minute cancelations and reschedules. Keep an eye on our instagram page for last minute availability. 

Otherwise, feel free to send inquiries and you can always be added to an artist’s waitlist. 


Where are you located & where should I park?


Our Private studio is located in the Slabtown neighborhood of Portland, OR. Your artist will email you detailed arrival instructions the day before your appointment. Parking is available off street and is metered for up to 4 hours. On the day of your appointment, we recommend arriving early, (not too early), as you may need to park a few blocks away. Often there is parking available within a block of the studio. We recommend you download the Parking Kitty App ahead of time for longer sessions, as this allows you to keep track of the meter and add more time if needed, although you will need to repark after the 4 hour mark. 


What is the studio rate and what type of payment do you accept?


Our studio hourly rate is $225/hour. Check with your artist ahead as to what form of payment is best for them. At the moment, we do not take credit cards. Please note* - your artist may add an additional surcharge for electronic payment, as we incur a fee from Venmo & PayPal transactions. If you wish to avoid this, Cash is best. 


Can I bring a friend or significant other to my appointment?


We are a very small studio. Unfortunately we do not have additional space for guests, and also try to limit the number if people in the building as a safety measure while still in a pandemic. Please check with your artist if you are scheduled to get tattooed with a friend/family member/partner. There are a variety of shops, restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the studio. If your ride needs somewhere to wait, we can recommend some options, check with your artist. 


What is your Covid 19 safety protocol? 


We clean and disinfect work space between every procedure. We have a high grade air circulation fan running at all times. Vaccination and boosters for Covid are highly encouraged, but we are not checking vaccination status at this time. 

We DO require all clients to wear a N95 or KN94 mask while inside the studio. If you are in need of a mask, we can provide one. We ask that if you are feeling sick in any way, to please reschedule your appointment. 


Can I eat or drink during my appointment?


Yes of course. We do recommend you eat a nourishing meal prior to your appointment. It’s never a good idea to show up to your appointment hungry. We have water and a variety of beverages to hydrate. We also have snacks (vegan), to help you maintain your energy throughout the tattoo. Before drinking or eating anything, please check with your artist before removing your mask, so that we can give you space. We ask that you keep food and beverage breaks short and only remove your mask while actively eating or drinking. 

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