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Holy Oak Tattoo

Covid-19 Check-In Process


Prior to your appointment...

Take the Covid 19 survey your tattoo artist emailed to you. This survey is required by law and ensures that you don’t have symptoms before your appointment. If you aren’t feeling well, please reschedule your appointment.

Please make sure you wear a well fitted N95/KN94 face mask to your appointment (Sides and seal on edges of the mask should be snug on face.) If your glasses are fogging your mask does not fit well. If you do not have an N95 or KN94 upon arrival, we will provide one for you. 


Please be rested, feeling well, and eat a meal before you arrive. We do have water, beverages, and snacks available upon request. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle. 


Please arrive alone. We are a small studio and we do not have additional space for guests.


Bring comfortable and appropriate clothing for your appointment. We ask that you remove your shoes upon entry. Feel free to bring slippers or warm socks. 


If you plan to park, arrive early. Street parking nearby is limited to 4 hours. You may need to park a few blocks away from the studio and walk there. Try to avoid parking if you can, for example: being dropped off, biking/walking, or taking public transportation. If you do park, it's a good idea you not leave any valuables, bags or visible items in your car. It is recommended you download the ParkingKitty App on your phone for longer sessions, as you can keep track and add time to your metered parking remotely. 


When you arrive for your appointment...

Call the phone number your tattoo artist gave you in your “Reminder” email. Your artist will meet you at the gate and walk you in. Please be mindful that we share a property with other businesses and their guests. Please remain masked while on the property, as others may be coming and going. 


When you enter the studio, we will ask that you first remove your street shoes and wash or sanitize your hands. While we do allow food and beverage, as a reminder, please keep your mask on unless you are actively eating or drinking. Give your artist a heads up if you want to remove your mask for eating or drinking so that they may give you space. Please be mindful, our “lobby” is small, you may be sharing the space with another client. If that is the case, please check with your artist before removing your mask. We also have a cute porch that you are welcome to use for snacking or drinking!

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