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Custom Tattooing by appointment 

Portland, Oregon

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Work by Virginia Hicks

Work by Isaac Bushkin

About Us

Holy Oak is a small worker owned and operated collective studio in Portland, Oregon. Resident Artists Virginia Hicks & Isaac Bushkin both originally hail from the North East, but have made Portland their respective homes for for over a decade.

Virginia specializes in expressive and delicately refined illustrative work, with a focus on naturalistic botanical & otherworldly, fantasy inspired art. She is also happy to turn your beloved fur baby into a timeless work of art. 

Isaac works in a range of styles. His work tends to be bold and heavily saturated. He enjoys doing traditional, folk, Japanese and ornamental pattern based work. He draws on influences from his own Slavic background and enjoys mash ups pop culture with traditional themes and allegory. 

To work with a specific artist, please email either:

Virginia Hicks: 


Isaac Bushkin:

You can also send a general inquiry to:

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